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globalization and women in the GCC

Nada Almutawa
17/02/2013 12:00 AM


GCC countries are constantly  dealing with  economic and political transitions therefore   constantly experience  different measures of reform and changes.

 As  Many of these changes are related to women and youth ,  One of aspects of change is education given into consideration the significant transformation  Kuwait is taking place in the area of female education and liberation.

 Historically  transformation can be ascribed to its oil wealth which led to rapid economic growth which  had a massive influence on all areas of society of which the most notable is the influence it is having on the role of women in society.

When it comes to looking closely into social factors one can notice that  Men had their own traditional networks which are called the “Diwaniya”  while women maintained a low profile .

            Since  Kuwaiti women gained their  political rights, which  was passed by the National Assembly 2005 , socio economic changes led to higher female labor force participation rates and higher education levels for women. Realizing the low representation of women in the parliament and top management positions  compared  to men, the Kuwaiti government has  mobilized the increasing employment of women in the labor market. It can therefore be argued that there is a change in attitude toward women as leaders in different jobs including education field .