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Curriculum Vita

Dr.Nada is Head of the Strategic studies  division at the center of gulf and Arabian peninsula  at  Kuwait University , received her PhD , in International Relations from  London (2006), MBA   from Maastricht (2011). completed “Leading for The Future: The Middle East In A Changing World”, Harvard University Executive education .( 2010)  .


"Education and the Requirements of the GCC Labor Market"- Emirates  (2011).

The role of Economic diplomacy in the Kuwaiti-Japanese relations". - Kuwait University Press(2010).

 "The Impact of Globalization on Women Empowerment in the GCC Examining the role of networks" Durham university (2014)


A key note speaker on Women empowerment in the Arab World and electoral reforms, education and leadership.

Interested in the impact of technology and online learning on women empowerment in developing countries.


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